Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.

She never felt like she belonged anywhere, except for when she was laying on her bed, pretending to be somewhere else.
- Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor and Park (via altogetherweathered)
Her eyes were so full, and her heart so empty.
- Marcel Proust, In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (via o-r-p-h-i-c)


"Fight Like A Girl"

Photo collection // Fall 2014

I’m so elated about my latest photo collection that’s featured on Bitchtopia! Read about it here + check out other great pieces on Bitchtopia.



im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think ‘no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

I was always taught by my mother, That the first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are.


Pabu, the Acrobatic Cat

Pabu: You can has more art references by clicking this thing, wotever it is.

Also… watch this - more insane jumping!

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